So let's do it! Find your spirit power center!

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Jo's Story

I'm grateful for all the things that make me unique. I try to embrace and enjoy my family, my coupled friends, and my friends of all ages every day. They all mean so much to me, and they influence me, subtly promoting positive changes in my life. I feel more prepared to deal with challenges than in my younger years because of my life experiences under my belt. I have developed over time my "Spirit power" to get through life's setbacks and power through to change and help others.At every stage of my life, I've also tried to eat healthy and exercise as much as I can but life gets busy. Because of the changes your body goes through as you age, fitness can look different. In active wear I am motivated to move--but I also felt left out, like I was looking from the sidelines. When it came to active wear that fit moderately and comfortably while still looking contemporary and appealing I was frustrated. I could only find sports bras with straps too tight or showing too much cleavage for comfortably wearing in public. I felt the leggings were not comfortable and not flattering to my body shape.

So I developed my own line of inclusive active wear for all kinds of women--any age, with any body shape. AnyAgeActive sports bras and tops feature adjustable straps, side support to eliminate bra bulge, and fabric that breathes yet provides enough compression for bounce control.

AnyAgeActive leggings feature attractive coverage, anti cellulite fabric and tummy control.I want all women to feel good about their form and to love exercise and movement. It improves our mood, sleep, and overall quality of life. How do you like to move? Do you go for walks? Cycling? Go shopping for great new fashion? Go dancing? That is our mission: to be inclusive. Inclusive sizing for all women, of any age and culture. I want you to say, "this is who I am at my age and my body." Let's love ourselves and love others.  

So let's do it!

Find your spirit power center!

Be part of a movement that lifts each other up.Keep Moving in clothes you love.Keep Moving to stay healthy.Keep Moving and motivating each other. Let's Keep Moving!