Rejuvenating Light Compression Socks

Rejuvenating Light Compression Socks

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Any Age Activewear BBB Business Review

Jo Says : These socks changed my life! Because they aid in blood circulation, l feel energized and pumped during my morning walks. The secret's just enough compression to do the job for all day wear.. the perfect knee high length, and designed wider in the calf for more comfort. And they look really cute too. No one thinks they are compression socks.

  • Large : women 5-8
  • XL : women 8-13
  • Our socks are light/mild compression at 15 to 20MM Hg which means you get just enough  performance compression but your leg doesn't feel like it's in a plaster cast.

Wash cool with like colors

  • Promote Blood Circulation and Oxygen flow
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Moisture wicking cotton fabric keeps you cool, wont overheat the feet!
  • Dont look like hospital socks - can wear to complete a stylish outfit!