AnyAge Community: Meet Roseann

AnyAge Community: Meet Roseann

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This month we're featuring Roseann who decided to put her health first, for the first time ever, back in August 2022. Read on to see how she is doing, in her own words!

"The end of August 2022, I made the move back to Florida. This was an opportunity for me to design a fresh start! I was determined to put my health first for the first time in my life! And that is exactly what I did.

As soon as I arrived, I had lined up a yoga instructor/personal trainer. We began our sessions in September. I was such a workaholic for so many years - sitting behind my computer, that I was stiff and did not have much agility.

My trainer was patient and she pushed me a little more each week! We worked on balance, strength exercises and of course Yoga! I kept progressing along. I had lost about 10 lbs over the Christmas holidays and by March I made up my mind to take a weight loss journey.

AnyAge Community - Roseann

So on May 2nd I began intermittent fasting and keto. Since then I have lost an additional 40 pounds, for a total of 50 lbs. At 68 years old I weigh what I did when I was 25! My doctor is thrilled with my progress as am I!! My health has improved greatly! Yoga is my favorite activity to do and I love taking walks in my neighborhood.

I have 3 dogs and hired a trainer for them as well. Bottom line is we go on a "training" walk around the neighborhood every morning and I tend to take an evening walk alone. I purchased a wonderful bike for my 68th Birthday and I love riding that as well. I attribute all of the movement and the changes I made in my diet to the weight loss and the improvement in my health!

Since starting my health journey, I have purchased 3 of the Long High Collar Jackets in various sizes and as a gift! I absolutely love them. They are so incredibly stylish and easy to move in. They are made of the highest quality material that moves with you no matter what activity you are doing. I also love wearing them to just run errands.

Thanks Any Age Active Wear!"

Roseann is wearing the High Long Collar Jacket in Sea Blend Blue. You can shop it here!