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Keeping up with your routines is important, and making sure you dedicate time to yourself each day to breathe, journal, or do some restorative yoga at home can keep your stress levels down and help you sleep better. Here are three of our favorite restorative yoga poses to help you get a more restful and deep sleep. 
Staying hydrated is very important for our health, but a plain glass of water doesn’t always inspire us. Infusing our water with fruits and herbs can not only make for a tasty way to get our daily water intake, but can also offer many additional health benefits that plain water can’t. Here are some of our favorite infused water recipes to help you stay healthy and hydrated.

Sitting for prolonged amounts of time has a lot of negative effects on our health, so getting up and moving in any way that we can will keep us feeling good and staying healthy. Here are five simple ways to keep yourself active every day. 

No matter what you're doing to stay healthy and active, one thing's for sure - you gotta eat. And sometimes that means saying "I got to have my sweets!" What better way to get your fix than with my 'free' banana bread. This snack goes great with morning coffee, could be an afternoon pick me up, or be a great end to a healthy dinner.
When we first started Any Age Activewear, one statement that kept resurfacing in every piece of fabric, every aspect and structure of our activewear, and even in thinking how women would wear our products: Every body is a fruitful body, and you shouldn't have to apologize about the way you look as you age. 
For many years, I’ve felt left out. I struggled to find styles that were comfortable and made me look the best I can be. I want all women to feel good about their form and to love exercise and movement without feeling like activewear is holding them back.

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