Welcome to Our Any Age Community

Welcome to Our Any Age Community

Hi my fellow women who age fiercely, Jo here.

I’m so happy you’re here in this Any Age Community. As you would probably guess, I’m a longtime lover of healthy eating, exercise, movement—and of course, being active. Being active in my community, being active with my friends and family, and active achieving my goals. That said, it’s not easy as life gets busy and our bodies change as we age. Activewear should be the least of your worries on your active journey.

On my journey, I'm grateful for all the things that make me unique. At 68, and having reached the point in my life where I count my blessings over counting calories, I try to embrace and enjoy my family, my coupled friends, and my friends of all ages every day. I have learned to value acceptance, the power of positivity, and the challenges life puts in front of me. Over time, I have developed my "spirit power" to get through life's setbacks and power through to change and help others.

Why Did I Start Any Age Activewear?

For many years, I’ve felt left out. Just because I'm a woman in my 60s, doesn't mean I shouldn't have clothes or activewear that make me feel as confident now as I was when I was younger. It always felt like I was looking from the sidelines, feeling like my age and my body wasn’t being accepted. I struggled to find styles that were comfortable, that supported my aging body, and made me look the best I can be. Straps were too tight, and leggings didn’t fit right. Or none of the fabric had breathability. I was frustrated. So, I developed a line of inclusive activewear for all kinds of women, for a wide range of ages and body types. Because I want all women to feel good about their form, and to love exercise and movement without feeling like activewear is holding them back.

One of the biggest concerns for older women? Finding leggings that are thick enough to support our bodies but still breathe (Trust me, I can do a whole blog on hot flashes during perimenopause). Our Active Ice fabric was the answer to this concern. After seeing/feeling/debating over multiple fabric compositions, I knew the higher quality nylon/spandex blend was the way to go. Our activewear keeps you dry by absorbing the perspiration and moisture from your skin, quickly transporting it to the fabric face. Because it does this the fibers ensure a constant evaporation, ultimately keeping you cool as you move. *Can I get a hallelujah, ladies?* 

This is just one facet into the decisioning around the makeup of Any Age Activewear. Find me another brand out there that had the thought: Does this keep a woman who's going through perimenopause comfortable and cool? You won't.

So, how do you like to move? Do you love walking? Cycling? Shopping? Dancing? No matter what you love to do, our mission is to make sure all women of any age feel supported and their bodies celebrated. I want you to say, "this is who I am at my age and this is my body. Hot flashes and all. Take it or leave it." Let's love ourselves, love others, and feel great at the same time.

So, let's do it! Find your spirit power! Be part of an active movement that lifts each other up in "Made to Move" clothes you'll love. Made to Move to stay healthy. Made to Move to motivate each other!

Aging fiercely everyday,