The Bold and the Fruitful

The Bold and the Fruitful

When we first started Any Age Activewear, one statement that kept resurfacing in every piece of fabric, every aspect and structure of our activewear, and even in thinking how women would wear our products: Every body is a fruitful body, and you shouldn't have to apologize about the way you look as you age.

We hear you. We see you. You are not invisible to us. Most of us have heard of "pear" and "apple" body shapes, but we know women's bodies come in more shapes and sizes, and took it a step further. Body shapes are different. Your activewear should be too.

So then, who are the Fruitful Ladies™?

The way we think about our trademarked The Fruitful Ladies™ is through our recommended frames and we celebrate them for all that they are....and what we talk about as we age: Supporting and shaping your body today.

What are Any Age Activewear's recommended fruitful frames for women?

  • Apple - broad shoulders, chest, and midriff, narrow hips and legs
  • Pear - shoulders and chest narrower than hips , waist is more pronounced and likely slopes out to hips
  • Banana - waist, hips, and chest are about the same width
  • Strawberry - shoulders and chest larger than relatively narrow hips and legs
  • Pineapple - midsection, hips, and chest weight evenly distributed

You can look for our fruitful recommendation on any of our product pages, and make a decision based on how it might fit your body.