Stress Relief: Stay in the moment, stay in the movement!

Stress Relief: Stay in the moment, stay in the movement!

When I reached my sixties, I thought that with a more simple life, I would be saying goodbye to stress.

The kids are grown and out of the house, and we have fewer financial worries and more time to do fun things…

WAIT what happened????

Why am I still feeling so much stress?

Here’s the thing though - I’ve decided not to let it affect me as much as it did when I was younger. I work to combat feelings of stress by trying to live and enjoy one day at a time.

I try to focus on the present moment and savor it for all its worth.
When dramatic changes are happening in my life, but don’t require immediate attention, I put it all on a shelf in my brain so I can focus on the micro choices l make each day.

I find if l get outside or even go shopping l feel better - instantly.

I call it - stay in the moment, stay in the movement!

But enough about me – what about you? Do you have any tips for staying in the moment and reducing stress? Maybe it’s practicing mindfulness, spending time with loved ones, or simply taking a few deep breaths when you start feeling overwhelmed. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it. After all, we’re all in this together!